Saying Good-bye to the Chinese – For Now…

The month of May was a special moment for our mission base.  It was also a special moment for Joannie.  This was the first year for the Chinese music program.  Joannie has been he primary music theory and piano teacher … Read More

Why Pray for Israel’s Salvation

Why Pray for Israel’s Salvation? Sadly many believers think that God has moved beyond Israel when He included the Gentiles in salvation. Some take promises in the Old Testament originally given to Israel and now apply them only to the … Read More

The Chinese-Speakers Have Arrived in Kansas City

This year, IHOPKC launched a one year-music school that trains students to grow in a life of prayer as well as the musical skills necessary to strengthen churches and prayer rooms—ALL IN THE CHINESE LANGUAGE. Joannie teaches music theory and … Read More