Why Pray for Israel’s Salvation

Why Pray for Israel’s Salvation?

Sadly many believers think that God has moved beyond Israel when He included the Gentiles in salvation. Some take promises in the Old Testament originally given to Israel and now apply them only to the Church while conveniently leaving the curses to Israel!  I can understand this as part of my own journey of faith did not include a salvation of Israel. But lack of understanding or even resistance to Him in this area doesn’t have to persist!  The Lord is inviting us to know His plan and to pray it would be accomplished.

Before He returns, the Lord said He would establish “watchmen” that would contend for Israel’s salvation (Isa. 62:6-7). A“watchman” is one that is alert to God’s plans and purposes and through prayer    “give Him no rest till He…makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

As friends of Jesus, we should know His thoughts on any particular issue, to see what He sees and feel what He feels.  Jesus says that He burns zealously for Jerusalem (Zech. 1:14; 8:2). Paul was deeply marked by Jesus’ heart for the Jewish people (Rom. 9:1-3). This is not merely ethnic preoccupation, but a zeal for God’s coming salvation. The question is do we have this zeal and how can we get it?

This coming salvation includes many fascinating and marvelous things. So marvelous they may seem too good to be true!  When Jesus returns as King, He will bring the earth into alignment with heaven. Paul calls this “life from the dead” as the earth will experience amazing new realities only God could do (Rom 11:15). God always saves the best for last. Here are some highlights that will happen when Israel is saved.

  • God’s glory pouring out of a rebuilt temple where Jesus sits as King in Jerusalem (Hag. 2:9; Zech. 6:12-13; Isa. 24:23; 33:17; Mat. 25:31; )
  • International peace from Jesus’ leadership (Isa. 2:2–4; 9:6)
  • Many nations joining Israel in worshipping the Lord (Isa 11:10; 25:6-8; 60:1-16; 66:23)—In essence the greatest missions movement!
  • Natural and supernatural sources of water turning the desert of Israel and the Middle East into a vast garden (Isa. 35:6-7; Ezek. 47:1-12)
  • Sin and death defeated (1 Cor. 15;24-26; 54-57; Isa. 25:6-8). God will completely remove the curse from the earth!
  • Human life spans increasing (Isa. 65:22; Zech. 8:4)
  • Satan and fallen angels imprisoned (Isa. 24:21-22; 27:1; Rev. 20:1-3)

There’s much more we can say here, but let’s end with this truth: If we want these blessings to come on the earth, we must also want Israel to be saved. In His plan, God has tied the two together.