Encountering Jesus while Praying the Prayers of the Bible

We are involved in Immerse, an eight day training program at IHOPKC.  Over the course of these trainings, we regularly give tools to encounter God in prayer. I’m going to share a tool with you that you can use in your time of prayer. I’ll post the tool under teachings and “corporate prayer”. I’ve used this tool often in intercession since coming to IHOPKC.

The tool is—praying the apostolic prayers in Bible.

Did you know?

  • There are 25-30 apostolic prayers.
  • These prayers are burning on the heart of the Father and He gave to them to the apostles.
  • They are the perfect will of God—like a blank check to be co-signed by you!
  • Praying them allows us to know God and what He values.
  • They provide us ways to pray for situations and people beyond the limited language we have.

Using the prayers of Jesus, Paul and Peter will give you more confidence and enjoyment in prayer.

How to pray using apostolic prayers

1. First, read the apostolic prayer. It is common for the language in these prayers to feel awkward at the beginning, but over time you will grow more accustomed to it.

2.  Isolate key phrases and elaborate what you think they mean. This helps the ideas of the prayer make sense as we study and use them.

3. Choose your target. For what situation or person are interceding?

4. Pray from your heart. The beautiful thing is that you are offering something special to God: Only you can speak God’s words and love Him with your own voluntary love as you pray from His prayers. As you pray, listen to the Holy Spirit and what He’s saying. Certain phrases or ideas may seem to carry more weight or life to you. That’s the Holy Spirit moving in you and through you as you pray!   Enjoy!