The Chinese-Speakers Have Arrived in Kansas City

This year, IHOPKC launched a one year-music school that trains students to grow in a life of prayer as well as the musical skills necessary to strengthen churches and prayer rooms—ALL IN THE CHINESE LANGUAGE.

Joannie teaches music theory and piano classes for this program.

She has twenty-three students in three levels of classes.

God has prepared her for this. She has a masters in music education and a passion to teach music that God has put inside her!



BRIAN: Why are these Chinese-speakers coming here in the Midwest?  Don’t they know Kansas City has only a handful of good Asian restaurants and grocery stores?  😉

JOANNIE: They are coming to the International House of Prayer to learn about the end time message, intimacy and how to do prayer and worship together. That’s my current teaching responsibility: to train them in worship.

B: Where are these students coming from? 

J: Most of the students come from China and Taiwan.

B: What is a strength they have in your class?

J: They work hard.

B: What’s an area they are developing? 

J: They are not trained to play worship songs freely. Instead they are trained to play by reading music. 

B: What’s a testimony from this semester you can share with us about the impact your classes are having on these students?

J: One of the best stories was there was a large group of students that never played piano before. After twelve weeks of classes with me they are now able to play in three keys and do several worship cycles that can be used in intercession sets in prayer rooms anywhere.