Since 2011, Brian and Joannie have served as missionaries at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  This is where they met, married and with their young family, faithfully serve the Lord in their ministry assignment.

The world is in crisis. Multitudes have rejected the Biblical definition of marriage. The social fabric of Western societies is crumbling. Immorality is pervasive. Public anger floods our society. For many, fear abounds. In all this apparent disarray, what is the Lord doing?

One thing He is doing is raising-up places of prayer where He is awakening hearts to the beauty of Jesus. These places of prayer are making Him known through song, clear Biblical teaching and an environment of prayer that allows for a heart-to-heart connection with God. During the past seven years we have seen pastors refreshed; the hurting, healed. Our brothers and sisters from closed countries empowered, and young leaders equipped to minister with a vibrant heart. While serving with IHOPKC, we’ve witnessed the Lord breathe life into His Church and prepare it for what lies ahead.

IHOPKC is an Evangelical mission organization committed to the Great Commission, the Sermon of the Mount lifestyle, preaching of the Word, and discipling of young people to impact nations. The heart of all these activities is the prayer room where prayer and worship has continued night and day since 1999.

As God restores a culture of prayer in the Church, He’s called our family to shepherd and train others in these settings. Since arriving at IHOPKC, we have served on the mission base in various capacities. Brian has served with Immerse, a short term training program that refreshes believers and strengthens them in a life of prayer. He is one of the leaders at the Center for Biblical End Time Studies (CBETS), a ministry initiative that empowers believers to understand, live, and share the message of the Lord’s return.  Both of us are faculty at the International House of Prayer University. Brian trains young people in the Forerunner School of Ministry and Joannie teaches at the Forerunner Music Academy in both the English and Chinese schools. We also travel and encourage churches in America and Asia.

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You can view the Global Prayer Room in Kansas City here.

[featured]THE GLOBAL PRAYER MOVEMENT[/featured]

What is the house of prayer movement all about?  God is reviving the Church with the spirit of prayer as He said He would do before His return (Isa. 56:7; Amos 9:11-15; Acts 15:15-16).  Corporate prayer has sprung-up across the earth during the past two decades. Since being at IHOPKC mission base, we’ve met people from Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, China and many other nations whom God has stirred to build praying communities. All of them have stories of how the Holy Spirit told them to build prayer in their local church or house of prayer.

Are you interested in knowing more about the prayer movement and what God is doing in this time of history?  Besides reading my teaching notes or our blogs on this website, you can listen to the prophetic history of the International House of Prayer.  There are over 25 supernatural, prophetic encounters that God graciously gave to solidify the direction of this movement so we could partner with Him in faith. These stories will encourage and empower all believers as they address not just what God will do in Kansas City, but across America and the nations leading up to His return.

The opinions contained in this blog are personal. They do not officially represent those of IHOPKC.