The Beauty of Jesus

  • Jesus, Bridegroom, King and Judge [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • The Beauty of Jesus as a Bridegroom [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • The Beauty of Jesus as Judge (Isaiah 63:1-6) [button link=””]Notes[/button]



Series: Growing in Enjoyable and Effective Corporate and Devotional Prayer (10 sessions)

Session 1: The Invitation to Pray [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 2: The Church as a House of Prayer  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 3: The Beauty Realm of God –  Revelation 4  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 4 & 5:  Encountering God through the Word with Activation  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 6: Praying in the Spirit – Biblical Background and The Purpose of this Gift [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=”在聖靈裏禱告-P25-30.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 7: Supplication – Importance of Asking in Prayer  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 8: Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man Overview  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 9: Why Pray for Israel’s Salvation?  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 10: Intercession – Praying Apostolic Prayers  [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=”使徒式的禱告-P50-57.pdf”]中文[/button]

  • Pray-Reading the Word – Growing in prayer using the Scriptures   [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • The Tabernacle of David  (Background to Global Prayer and Worship Movement) [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • Harp and Bowl Format [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • Understanding Being a Priest of God (Rev. 1:6)

The Biblical background of the priesthood [button link=””]Notes[/button]

The priestly ministry God is reviving in the Church [button link=””]Notes[/button]


Christian Lifestyle

  • Living from the Love of God: How to grow in love and get “unstuck” /住在神愛中(親密關係)的必須性 [button link=””]Notes[/button]   Watch on Youtube


  • A Christian Response to the Homosexual Lifestyle

Part One: The Effects of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage [button link=”’s-Implications-pt1-Beeson-copy.pdf”]Notes[/button]

Part Two: Being a Faithful Witness [button link=””]Notes[/button]



Session 1: Overview of the Sermon on the Mount [button link=””]Notes[/button] [button link=”需再確認版.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 2: The Beatitudes, Part One (Poverty of Spirit, Spiritual Mourning, Meekness, Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness) [button link=””]Notes[/button] [button link=”文講義-版2.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 3: The Beatitudes, Part Two (Mercy, Purity of Heart, Peacemaking and Persecution for Righteousness) [button link=”–10-Beeson.pdf”]Notes[/button] [button link=”–10-Beeson-copy.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 4: Temptations to Avoid, Part One – Anger and Immorality (Mat. 5:21-30) [button link=”–30-Beeson.pdf”]Notes[/button] [button link=”–30-Beeson.LINE_.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 5: Temptations to Avoid, Part Two – Disregarding the Sanctity of Marriage and False Commitments (Mat. 5:31-37) [button link=”–37-Beeson.pdf”]Notes[/button] [button link=”–37-Beeson-1.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 6: Temptations to Avoid, Part Three – Retaliation and Inactive Love (Mat. 5:38-48) [button link=””]Notes[/button] [button link=””]中文[/button]

Session 7: Five Activities to Enjoy Kingdom Life (Mat. 6:1-21) [button link=””]Notes[/button] [button link=”中文講義-版1.pdf”]中文[/button]

Session 8: Eternal Rewards (Mat. 6:19-21) [button link=””]Notes[/button] [button link=”中文講義版1.pdf”]中文[/button]

End Times

  • Why We Want Jesus’ Return and How to Pray for It  [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • Overview of the book of Isaiah [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • Jesus’ Kingship and Deliverance of Israel [button link=””]Notes[/button]


  • The Evaluation Seat of Christ [button link=””]Notes[/button]


SERIES: BOOK OF REVELATION – The Unveiling of Jesus Christ and His End Time Plan (10 sessions)

Session 1: Roadmap to the book of Revelation [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 2: The Majesty of Jesus (Rev. 1) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 3: The Throne Room of God (Rev. 4) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 4: The Three Main TimeFrames of End Time Events [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 5: The Seal Judgments and Divine Protection (Rev. 6-7) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 6: The Trumpet Judgments and Divine Direction (Rev. 8:1-11:14) [button link=”–11.14-Beeson.pdf”]Notes[/button]

Session 7: The Seventh Trumpet and Satan’s Agenda (Rev. 11:15-14:20) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 8: The Seven Bowls of Wrath (Rev. 15-16) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 9: The Harlot Babylon System (Rev. 17-18) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Session 10: The Final Victory and the Restoration of All Things (Rev. 19-22) [button link=””]Notes[/button]

Appendix: Signs of the Times – Positive and Negative [button link=””]Notes[/button]


Prophetic Training

Training the Prophetic: Debunking 11 Common Myths that Hinder Growing

[button link=””]Notes[/button]

Basics of Prophetic Ministry (3 part series)

  • Overview of Salvation and Spiritual Gifts [button link=””]Notes[/button]
  • The Prophetic Process: How to Hear God [button link=””]Notes[/button]
  • The Prophetic Process: Growing and Testing [button link=””]Notes[/button]


Prophetic Evangelism (2 parts) / 先知性傳福音(兩堂)

  •  Hearing God / 聆聽神 [button link=””]English[/button] [button link=””] 中文 [/button]
  • Outreach (“Treasure Hunt”) / 外展(“尋寶”)[button link=””]English & 中文[/button] [button link=””]Map Handout[/button]


Encounter Prayer Ministry (5 parts) / 遇見神禱告事工 (五堂)

[button link=””]Session 1[/button] [button link=””]Sessions 2 & 3[/button] [button link=””]Sessions 4 & 5[/button]


[button link=”遇見神-第一堂-–週五晚上.pdf”]第一堂[/button] [button link=”遇見神-第二-三堂-週六早晨.pdf”]第二、三堂[/button] [button link=”遇見神-第四-五堂-週六下午-晚上.pdf”]第四、五堂[/button]