Saying Good-bye to the Chinese – For Now…

The month of May was a special moment for our mission base.  It was also a special moment for Joannie.  This was the first year for the Chinese music program.  Joannie has been he primary music theory and piano teacher for these precious ones who came from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  For her, it was more than speaking Chinese while teaching these courses.  It was more then teaching musical techniques.  For Joannie, her involvement was about, encouraging her students in their destinies, listening and getting to know them. Many of them, we had over to our home for pitch-ins (with really good Chinese food, I might add).  Some of these young students had become big brothers and sisters to Isaac and Hosanna.  We knew we would miss them as we said good-bye on graduation day.

At the moment, this school is only a one year program.  In two months, another batch of students will arrive from Asia.  We are expectantly waiting and praying for them.  It’s amazing to think that by partnering with us to serve in Kansas City, you are touching the far corners of China and Taiwan and strengthening the Church there.  Isn’t God amazing?

Thank you for your partnership and friendship!

Brian, Joannie, Isaac and Hosanna