God Giving Understanding about Jesus and His End Time Plan

In the Spring, I (Brian), returned from visiting the Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat, Canada.

The interns in their YWAM school were preparing to go to Central America on an outreach. Since the launch of this school, they have seen over 30,000 salvations where they’ve preached, as well as healings and encounters with the Lord.

This particular week their training focused on Jesus and His end time plan.  The Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah that in the latter days His people would understand His plan perfectly (maturely) (Jer. 23:20).  In our weakness, we are reaching for mature understanding. While historically, there has been confusion and fear regarding the book of Revelation, the Lord never intended it so. As we interpret the book literally, except when the Text indicates it should be taken symbolically, it makes the message understandable. (There are seven main symbols in the book.) On day one, as we addressed obstacles regarding understanding the book of Revelation, our group was freed to jump in whole-heartedly. We all gained new insights about the Lord and His plan.

One of the insights was how interns appreciated how God will strengthen the Church to stand victorious through the Great Tribulation, partnering with His end times plan, overcoming temptation and persecution (Rev. 12:11; 15:2).  As Moses participated in prayer under the Lord’s leadership in releasing ten of His judgments on Pharaoh (Ex. 7–12), so the end-time Church will participate in prayer under Jesus’ leadership as He releases twenty-one judgments on the Antichrist, his government and armies (Rev. 6–19).  God wants to grow the Church into maturity to partner with Him in this greatest moment of history.

Thank you for partnering with us as we train future leaders and strengthen the Church.

—-Brian, Joannie, Isaac and Hosanna