Testimonies: God putting a culture of prayer in the global church

I’d like to share some testimonies with you of how IHOPKC’s global impact is increasing. We are seeing more significant partnerships growing with large churches and key mission organizations.  We are seeing a merging of prayer and missions running together as we partner to complete the Great Commission.

  • This past year we had 30 million unique visits to our web-streamed, prayer services. Our web stream strengthens houses of prayer and churches who use it in their services.
  • RUSSIA: We were recently visited by several bishops that represented 90% of protestant churches in Russia. They want to work together to grow in the DNA that we carry of intimacy with God and prayer.
  • MEGA-CHURCHES: several large churches with congregations over 20,000 people have approached us to help them grow in prayer and intimacy with God.  This is is exciting not that we think IHOPKC is anything great—we have plenty of flaws—but that these churches desire prayer and intimacy with God!
  • IRAN: The church in Iran is experiencing much growth at this time. Recently we have cooperated with several Iranian satellite TV stations. They are broadcasting our two-hour prayer sets in Farsi into Iran ever Friday.  Since the internet is blocked this is the primary way to reach people. The feedback we have received is amazing: small groups from underground churches have emailed us, some with videos of themselves worshipping along with us, many with tears in their eyes. Even unbelievers have emailed us with questions when they heard the gospel sung in their language, asking, ‘Who are you singing to?”  or “Who is this Jesus you are singing about?”  Isn’t that amazing?
  • EHC:  Every Home for Christ sends out the most missionaries door to door around the world. They have asked us for an active partnership where we pray for their evangelistic efforts and they sow into our ministry.

These are some of ways IHOPKC is partnering with other groups in missions and discipleship.