Enjoying the Gifts God Brings

The Little Things 

March came and went and we are still trying to figure out what happened. This is life with young children.  Every day there is a fun moment (and also “learning moment” for us parents).  Recently, we joined a parenting class that has given us some helpful tools to use in training our kids with self-control, authority and boundaries. It has also brought Joannie and I closer together in our marriage.  We are thankful for wisdom we’ve gained. It’s also been nice to connect with other young parents and share stories.

One of my favorite parenting moments occurred the other night when putting Isaac to bed.  The lights were out.  He was on his back and looked up at me content and happy.  I  had the idea to ask him, “Isaac, what are you thinking?”  Without pausing, he replied, “Isaac thinking Daddy”.  As Isaac’s dad, that moment touched me.  His simplicity. His genuineness. He had my attention.   Imagine how our thoughts towards our heavenly Father stir Him.  It’s that simple. We each bring Him joy—the joy that only each of us can bring.

New Endeavors

Next Fall both Joannie and I are stepping into new opportunities.  Starting in August, Brian will join the faculty at the International House of Prayer and teach in the ministry school.  He will be teaching Isaiah to fourth year students.  (Please pray for him as he prepared now among the other duties he has on base).  Joannie is also teaching a new class: the music school on base is adding a Chinese-speaking worship track that will train musicians and singers from Chinese-speaking countries. She will be teaching some of those classes.  Thank you for your prayer and your support to our family as we strengthen the Body of Christ.   -Brian, Joannie, Isaac and Hosanna

Testimonies from our last Immerse

Immerse was very intensive and the staff is concerned for every person!  It gave me hope and power to go closer to God.  -Sarah P.

I loved gathering with a group of likeminded people to learn more about Jesus.  I realized I know so little about Jesus and will study in a different way when back home.  -Fanny S. 

I really love that Immerse has so many people from all over the world.  The teachers’ testimonies and teachings were so amazing and encouraging to me.  It is such a safe place to grow and learn.  -Emily H.