When a Buddhist Meets Jesus

We always get a wide variety of attendees in our Immerse program.  But last month we had someone special.  I’d like to share the testimony with you. After one of our teaching sessions on Jesus as King, where we talked about His glorious procession to earth in His second coming, we all were stirred for our future Hope. However, in that moment one of our attendees began to get sick.  Later that day in another ministry time, she began vomiting.  As our staff began assisting her and when we went to pray for her, to our surprise discovered she wasn’t a Christian.  Her Christian friends had brought her to Immerse to encounter the Lord—she was a Buddhist!   She wanted to get this sickness she was experiencing off of her, but she didn’t know what to do. The sickness was spiritual in nature and the Lord was confronting gently the darkness that was oppressing her.

She told our team that her father had an encounter with Buddha that left her fearful. He had aggressive cancer. One night Buddha appeared to him and told him exactly what he needed to do to be healed.  Her father listened and followed those directions. Shortly after his cancer went into remission.  But when he broke a certain Buddhist law, his cancer returned and he died.  Now she was afraid to turn away from Buddha, believing she would either be punished—-or worse, die, for renouncing him.

We led her through renouncing Buddhism, receiving Jesus as Lord. She was also delivered and healed. Her testimony encouraged us.  We wanted to share it with you.  It blessed our team as the presence of God was in our midst to bring this woman into freedom.  The experience again reminded me how the Lord is raising up places of encounter where people can be delivered from demons, healed and saved all at the same time!  This sort of immediate, recognizable freedom will be more and more normal in the days to come.