Overcoming Generational Issues in Life – Spiritual Warfare – Pt. 2

God’s Power to Heal 

I want to share with you a family testimony.  God led us to overcome an issue we’ve had with both of our kids. In August, Joannie’s weekly ultrasound revealed some low numbers regarding the blood flow in her umbilical cord. The issue was similar to what happened with Isaac two years ago, causing a premature birth at 3 lbs 12oz.

At first when hearing this news, we were stunned.  Was this just the way it was going to be?  Was there a reason behind this?   With that said, I have witnessed believers healed when addressing  issues from their ancestral line God brought to their attention. These issues can affect their quality of life. I wondered if that situation applied here. So we felt hopeful as well.  We set aside time to ask the Lord.  Joannie initially said, “I rarely get an impression from God.” But within a few moments of prayer, God gave her several pictures. One was of a child being dedicated in a temple to an idol. Participating in temple rituals is prevalent in Taiwan.

We believed this picture God gave us referred to a temple ritual Joannie went through as a baby. It opened a door to the Enemy and was hurting our children still to this day, even in the womb! We renounced the “benefits” associated with this ritual.  We declared Jesus as our source and applied His blood. This broke the power of the temple ritual in our family line. We spoke life over her womb. The following weeks, the tests came back SHOWING A HEALTHY UMBILICAL CORD. Now in November we have a FULL TERM BABY ready to be born!  Praise God!

*Check out my teaching notes on Encounter Prayer if you’d like to learn more.