Learning to Stand – Spiritual Warfare – Pt. 1

I want to write a several-part series on how to advance in life.  You can call it “Spiritual Warfare” or call it “Agreement with God”. They both are one and the same.  No matter if you are in a challenging or a mundane time of life, one thing about Christianity is that our faith in Jesus works.  There’s no better way to live than how God has shown us.  I can’t imagine not having the Lord to guide me through every season of life.

The past month for our family has been very exhausting.   There are some practical explanations for this.  But I’ve been around  long enough to know when the Enemy is directly attacking us.

What do you do when you feel like you are under a specific attack of the Enemy?    How do you respond? 

One way to advance during these times is to speak and pray God’s Word back to Him.  It’s one of the best ways to stand in times of trials. Some times all we can do is stand!  Ephesian 6 highlights the ways in which we should stand by using the armor of God. One of the final pieces of armor is the tongue, the Sword of the Spirit in our mouths. By declaring what God’s Word says about God’s nature, His plans, what it says about us… we let God work and strengthen ourselves.  When we speak His Word aloud and thank Him for the promises in it, several things begin to happen:   1) We stir up our confidence (faith) as we hear the Word; 2) We find agreement with God in our hearts, 3) We release God’s promises in our lives (health, strength, wisdom, peace, etc…!) and 4) the Enemy is pushed back!

My latest example is from what my family encountered last week.  Isaac had been sick in the ER one day. He was up most nights.  But this night was different as not only was he screaming at 3am with no major symptoms, but Joannie upon hearing him scream could not catch her breath. I felt the Lord prompt me to walk around our bedrooms and declare key promises from the Word while thanking Him.  There wasn’t anything else I could do besides drive my family to the ER again.  Joannie felt something shift within the first minutes of prayer.  She could breathe easy again.  Isaac eventually fell asleep.  The heavenliness lifted.  Instead, we felt the peace of God’s presence in our house. We all slept well that night afterwards—and that was the last night-time  attack. What I am talking about works. When we use our tongues and combine our agreement with His Word, the Kingdom of God comes into our lives in a greater measure.  Let God fight our battles. Let us learn to declare and pray His Word.