We are Forever a Kingdom of Priests

With a new year, it is good to be reminded of permanence. Many

will make new resolutions about life at this time, but God has

already set His mind on us in way that will not change. He has

called us a “kingdom of priests” (Rev. 1:6) and a “royal priesthood”

(1 Pet. 2:9). What does this mean? In this hour God is emphasizing

our priestly role before Him. There are four main aspects in being

God’s priests.


1.  Ministry to the Lord. Our primary role as a priest is to adore

God, gaze at Him (Eph. 1:17; Ps. 27:4; Rev. 4:4, 10-11), draw near to

and minister to Him because He is worthy! (2 Chron. 29:11; Ezek.

44:15; James 4:8). To minister to Him properly, we must respond

back to His love by doing the 1st commandment (Mat. 22:37).


2.  Intercession. Jesus is THE great intercessor (Heb. 7,:24-25). We

also are seated in heavenly places with Him (Heb. 8:1; Eph. 1:20).

What are we doing there? Interceding with words of agreegment.

Intercession (prayer) is how God runs His government NOW and

FOREVER. But it’s not just words we pray; It’s a lifestyle we live

in agreement with our words (Rom. 12:1). It’s a mystery that God

uses our simple words of agreement with His to release His activity

on the earth. But He does. We need to embrace our priestly role

of intercession if we want to see our world changed.


3.  Blessing the people. Whether we are in the marketplace, serving

in our homes, or in full-time ministry, we have the role and

privilege to bless others with the “knowledge [experience] of

God”. Priests in the Old Testament blessed the people (Nu. 6:22),

revealed right and wrong, holy and unholy (Lev 10:3, 10-11), and

taught the people (Mal. 2:7). Today we do this wherever God places

us (Mat. 28:17-20; Mk. 16:15-18).


4.  Finally, waiting for the return of Jesus (Isa. 62:6-7; Mat. 25:1-13). We

must do the first points to accomplish the fourth. We want Him

to return, because He will bring justice to all areas of life and fulfill

salvation when He returns. Simeon and Anna are examples of

waiting for Jesus’ coming (Luke 2:25-38). “Waiting” prepares the

earth for His coming.


Jesus died so we could serve as priests. What a noble calling! We

get to enjoy God forever and release heaven to earth, in this age

and the next! Let us continue to grow into this high calling.