Learn to Grow in Love

It’s easy to get caught in the mindset we should “do something” to make ourselves better for God. Sometimes we fall into a mindset trying to please God with our actions when He already likes us. The Bible tells us the Father loves sincere believers, taking great delight in us simply because He does (SS 2:14; 4:9; Mk. 3:13-15; Jn. 15:9; 17:24). God wants us to live connected to His delight of us. It doesn’t mean if I don’t feel the love of God, I wait until I do before doing something—that’s silly. But if I don’t feel His love, it should compel me to reprioritize my life so I can grow in receiving it. That is the bottom line—how I choose to live in response to the love He has so generously poured out. Unfortunately, many believers have stayed busy three years… five years… TEN YEARS doing many things, but not setting their hearts to grow in love! Years from now we want to look back and see that His love has expanded in us. This expansion reveals we are abiding in Him, that we are growing in Him. Recently, I have been more inspired and challenged by this message. Together let’s pursue getting captured in His love.

As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. (John 15:9)

*Your Impact*

Last month 54 attendees came to IHOPKC for our 8-day Immerse Program. They came for training in prayer and personal renewal with the Lord. Here is some of the comments they left us on their exit form. (Note: 65% were from other nations and are writing in their 2nd or 3rd language)

I was losing the connection I had with the Lord and now I feel that I’m on track again. I signed up so I can understand the WHY [of a lifestyle of prayer]. Finally what was holding me was the fear to be hurt again by people, I know that it will happen again but I will love them with the love of JESUS.
It is a joy to know that we are all weak & broken people, but through the grace of Jesus’ love, we perform so that programs can send out light all around the nations.

The personal ministry & care of the staff blessed me and encouraged me to press into Jesus’ love. Jesus in the prayer room was the highlight.

[The teaching] Created the call to be a priest, bride and son. It will transform my prayer life.

[The teaching] Moved my heart from the what and how to the why [of prayer]

It was great! After every teaching I felt like I should start a House of Prayer!

Here is some of the impact you are having with us as we partner together for God to touch people and out of that encounter, build places of prayer.