Training the Next Worshippers


In this edition, we wanted to give you another glimpse of the IMPACT you are having in the Body of Christ in America and around the world. This edition will probably be the best EVER because we are featuring my wonderful wife, Joannie, and her involvement in the prayer movement INCLUDING being a loving mom and wife. I interviewed her and recorded her responses for your reading pleasure. So here it goes…

Brian: Joannie, what do you like about teaching

at Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) at IHOPKC?

Joannie: FMA’s music school is different than

most other music schools in the world. Except for

the music skill, there is a component of the Word

of God…Personally, it feels more fulfilling because

when you know you teach the students, you know

their goal is to give themselves to the Lord instead

of glorify themselves.

B: What nations are represented in your classes

this semester?

J: I have Scottish, Iranian, Chinese, South Korea,

Norway, Brazilian…. and Americans, too!

B: What are the students doing after FMA?

J: Some of them go back to their hometown where

there is a house of prayer to use what they have

learned to build prayer in their hometown. Some of

them stay here and become a mature, skillful worship

leader on the base.

B:  What classes are you teaching this semester?

J: I am teaching upper level piano. They are learning

advanced piano skills in worship songs and different

worship genres. Also, I train them how to use the

piano in prayer meetings.

B:  What is the most awkward thing that has

happened in your class so far?

J: When I have international students in my class

using English as their second language and I am,

too! It takes some time to communicate.

B: Is your husband supportive of your teaching?  🙂 

J: Yes, very much!