The Power of Prayer – Testimonies from Hope City

Recently in our staff meeting we heard some compelling testimonies of effectual prayer. I’d like to share two with you. First, let me give you a little background. In the inner-city Group Playing Musicof Kansas City, we have a prayer room called, Hope City. Hope City serves food and hosts 18 hours a day of prayer meetings. Some of the singers and musicians are former drug addicts or gang bangers (pictured right). Every month, I will bring our Immerse program to engage with them in prayer. It is always a highlight for our visitors.

Several months ago, a guy was recently shot in midtown. He fled into Hope City because he didn’t have anywhere to go. After receiving medical treatment, he joined Hope City’s rehabilitation program. In the program, he met Jesus and submitted his life to Him. Now he is one of their most faithful core leaders! His claim to fame is that he still has a bullet lodged in his body and is alive. It is hard for those from that neighborhood to discount his testimony about God!

Let me tell you another story. Last year a man was in a crack house where a fight broke out. This crack lord meant to attack this young guy. Instead the Holy Spirit fell on him and he began to proclaim God’s purposes over him!!! This crack lord wasn’t even saved! Isn’t that amazing!? So the young guy gave his life to Jesus on the floor of that house. Months later, he ends up in one of our prayer services. God began speaking to him. He realized his new freedom from a life of drugs came because others were praying over the city. God showed that to him. Contrite, prayers of faith really do work. Let us keep growing in a life of prayer that would deliver souls!

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to build prayer in our nation. Be encouraged as your prayers matter. By standing with us, you also are making an investment in building a prayer culture in the earth.


-Brian and Joannie