Praying Growing across the Globe

Greetings from cold Kansas City.  With the exception of a few of our friends who live south, it has been a cold couple of weeks for most of us. We all have our methods for staying warm in this kind of weather.  I like to wear la yers and drink hot water.  I picked up this habit when living in China over ten years ago where there was poor heating indoors (and even some missing windows!).  Do you have a better method?

Update from the Onething Conference in Kansas City, Dec. 28-Jan. 1st


We want to update you on the perspective God gave us last month at the Onething Conference.  The conference could be summed by an opening statement the director of IHOP-KC, Mike Bickle made, “We want to see the gospel preached and 24/7 worship and prayer in every tribe and tongue.” We really are going to see in our generation the completion of the Great Commission Jesus gave us combining with the growing prayer movement.  Here are a few numbers during the conference to give you a general idea of what was happening.

  •  35,000 registered guests from more than 100 nations attended.
  •  300,000 people engaged with us online over the four days.
  •  500 church or ministry leaders held the first annual Onething Leadership Summit. One of the leaders commented after the prayer summit: “We’ve been in Seoul for four years,” says Hojong Boaz Pank, leader of the house of prayer in Korea. “We have over 100 churches involved with 112 full-time and part-time staff….today’s meeting was strategic…”
  • Leaders at the summit also pledged to pray for the more than 300 languages that still need to be translated by Wycliffe’s Seed Company. “Something historic that has never happened before is happening before our very eyes with the prayer movement joining hands with the Bible translation movement,” says Roy Peterson, CEO of the Seed Company.
  •  1500 volunteers and staff serving at the conference. Over 3,100 people received personal prophetic ministry and 1,000 people prayer for physical healing. We saw the Lord healing people and encouraging them.
  • During this time, IHOPKC leaders also unveiled the results of a survey that revealed houses of prayer are in 18 nations on six continents reflecting representatives at the summit. The main proponents of prayer are millennials, with more than 60 percent of participants under the age of 35. Prayer truly is growing across the globe.




As our partners, we want to say “thank you” for sending us to serve during this week. It was a long week and we were definitely tired from it, but it was rewarding to be apart of something so historic and impactful.

-Brian and Joannie