We’ve ministered in New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Iowa, Canada and several Chinese-speaking cities in East Asia.  In some of the events we’ve had multiple churches participate across various denominational backgrounds.  Our passion is to empower believers to walk in a supernatural lifestyle with the Holy Spirit, know their identity in Christ and understand God’s purposes in the earth so they can partner with Him.  We’d love to come to your location. We look forward to discussing with you how we can partner together. Areas of ministry we offer are:

The Beauty of Jesus 

The Book of Revelation  (or end time related themes)

The Sermon on the Mount  (Christian Lifestyle)

Growing in Corporate or Devotional Prayer   (with activations)

Prophetic Ministry and Training

Prophetic Evangelism (Treasure Hunts)

Small Group Encounter Prayer 

God’s plan with the nation of Israel

House of Prayer and Tabernacle of David

Piano Training / Music Theory  (to support prayer services)

Please contact us if you are interested.

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