Family Update in September!

For this newsletter, we are going to write brief updates about each of us and things God has recently spoken over us!   Thanks, friends, for your loving support and partnership.  We truly couldn’t do what God’s call us without you!   

Joannie:  Something fun: She had a birthday in August and was celebrated by students and family.  Work-related: She continues to enjoy her role in teaching music theory and piano while serving the new cohort of Chinese-speaking students who arrived in August. This month, she began mentoring two young gals in coaching worship teams and administrating her online class.                              

Brian: Something fun: He played Top Golf with some friends and got back into working out. Recently, he enjoyed meeting regularly with a friend on Fridays, sharing life and praying together. Work-related: He began teaching the book of Isaiah again to seniors in our ministry school. Also, he is working with a great team of pastors who oversee the pastoral ministry of 26 small groups studying the end times at the Center for Biblical End Time studies.                                                     

Isaac:  He enjoys gliding down the road on his balance bike and continuing gymnastics. He went back to school last week and he loves organizing his binder and building and creating things.  

Hosanna: She enjoys dancing and telling jokes. She frequently tells us, “I’m just joking.” She started preschool two days a week and loves the socialization. Finally, she goes to the school where her big brother goes.