Convergence with “Homecoming”

We want to thank you for your partnership—your giving, your notes, your prayers and your presence in our lives. You are a part of our family. We need you. We enjoy being with you. We could not walk in fullness without you. Likewise you need us, and we are committed to walking alongside you however we can!  We love you! 

A Historic Gathering.  Last month about 1,000 Chinese leaders that represented about 10 million believers in Asia joined us for three days of meetings. The group is called “Homecoming”. Many came from across the world to be our friends.  They had no agenda but to love and to relate to us.  Can you believe that?  Can you imagine so many Asians in the midwest?  We did not do standard “teaching” sessions, but allowed the Holy Spirit to lead our time. So many things happened!  

In one session, we heard their stories how they had lost businesses or been imprisoned for Christ. Another session, their leaders washed our feet with their tears.  In yet another session, they helped us facilitate reconciliation in our church family.  We all felt we were learning how to related to each other as Family—seeing each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord, not simply through carrying out a vision or a function. Family means we are each indispensable. We need to know we are accepted and supported. God was birthing something in our IHOPKC community. Since then our classes have had moments of weeping and reconciliation. Our prayer services, hugs and warm smiles. God has been opening up our hearts in new ways.

What God did in Brian’s heart.  The Lord showed me how I was lonely in a few ways—that I had neglected opening my heart to the Lord because I’ve been too busy trying to perform and be accepted by the quality of the work I do.  The Lord also solidified in me that IHOPKC is my church family, and I am a son in this house—that my presence matters and I am carrying something IHOPKC needs! 

What God did in Joannie’s heart. She led worship with the team during most of the sessions on her stringed instrument, the Er-Hu.  One leader said that “she washed the room” with her music. Her heart opened to Father in a new way. She embraced being a mom the week following. She cried in our house, asking God to forgive her for ways she resisted motherhood.  Since then, it seems God has given her increased tenderness toward our children.  Joannie also enjoyed the fellowship with the worship team.  They had no planning sessions before worship sets—they only shared their hearts. And the sets were amazing! 

As you can tell so much happened.  We don’t have language for it all, but we are thankful for the Holy Spirt’s work among us that started and will continue on!  Let Him have His Bride and His Family.  Amen!      —Brian and Joannie