2018 – New Beginnings


We want to thank you again for your consistent partnership with us in missions. May the Lord bless you richly in every way as you take steps forward in your life into what He has prepared for you.

Joannie’s Online Course in Mandarin 

This month Joannie started two online classes, totaling 28 students. Her goal is to train worshippers to use the keyboard more effectively in corporate and devotional settings.  Students log-in from Taiwan, China, NZ, Canada, America and Hong Kong.  Here is some recent feedback about her class (translated):

“The content of course is so rich, even though it’s a short one-hour class! I’ve learned so much at the very first class!” – Celine

“I’ve never played worship like this before! You helped me step out of my comfort zone!” – Summer

Brian’s New Role

In 2017, I had been talking to the Lord about my life at IHOPKC.  Things had begun to change for me: a season focused on inner healing was tying up. I felt more hungry for deeper connection with others here and a need for a further challenge. A few months later, the Lord answered me. I was offered a role in a new initiative on our base recently launched called, “The Center for Biblical End Time Studies” (CBETS).  (https://www.ihopkc.org/cbets/) .

CBETS presently has 26 small groups that are systematically going through all 150 chapters about Jesus’ 2nd coming and discussing those passages. It will take us three years to get through them, and then we will start again. IHOPKC’s goal is to be resource to the Body of Christ by providing excellent materials and training regarding the person of Jesus and His end time plan. My role is helping build pastoral care in the onsite community and assist in training others about Jesus and His end time plan.

This module, we are going through Isaiah 46-66 and sections of Jeremiah. We have had an amazing response:

327 on-site participants in small groups

300 auditors

100+ offsite participants who meet online in small groups