What Happens After Christmas?

After the last Christmas present was opened, our mission base hosted around 20,000 people to encounter the Lord at a conference called, “Onething.”  During this time we had teaching sessions on growing in prayer and understanding Jesus’ plan for the earth, as well as times for worship and ministry. Some other events were:

A prayer leader’s summit of around 600 leaders who are building corporate prayer gatherings across the earth where they can make connections and hear inspiring messages to continue in their work

Workshops to educate on how to navigate our culture’s hyper-sexuality or other relevant topics for believers

Prophetic and Healing ministry to around 4,000 individuals who attended the conference

My favorite testimony from the week was of a woman who attended last year’s conference but did not tell anyone her story until this year.  She had stage four terminal cancer and went to receive prayer. After returning home later that week, she visited her doctor—discovering she had been completely healed!  This year she brought her adopted Russian son who the Lord touched and he gave his life to Him. God is healing bodies and families.

As you read this, you may be wondering what Joannie and I were doing?  In our small part, we spent our time at the Hub, a connecting place where we listened to and prayed for people interesting in growing in the Lord after the conference. It was a joy to hear their stories.

The following week, we hosted an Immerse training and around 60 participants did an additional week with us.  I was touched by the spiritual hunger and the intense stories from our group—

  • A sincere man, who had ten stepfathers as a child, confessed struggling with alcohol, having stopped three times to buy drinks on his drive to Kansas City—he positioned his heart before God and grew in receiving God’s love and in prayer. His countenance looked much better.
  • A dear woman grew in experiencing God’s love over condemnation after growing up neglected as a child and divorced after an abusive marriage.
  • A tender father whose daughter ran away with a young man and is no longer talking to him. He began forgiving and blessing them. His countenance changed and he said he felt hope for the first time.

This group was so hungry they did not leave the rooms after each session. I had one individual talking to me on my way to the car. I was afraid he would follow me home!  I’ve never had that happen before.  🙂