Training Future Leaders in the End Time Storyline

 It all happened so fast.

A diverse group of students-

Some slept during the day and prayed at night;

Others were “externs” busy in ministry;

Some were traditional students with more time to  study!

We made it—we discussed the book of Isaiah where we got to know God and His end time plan to save Israel, restore the earth, bring in the Gentile nations to love Him while revealing  Jesus’ excellence. Yes, God will soon do all this!

What students were saying…

  • “I love the depth of Isaiah and how it ties into God’s plan.”
  • “I grew in the knowledge and love of God through studying and mediating on God’s judgments and who He is as the coming Judge.”
  • “Brian is a great teacher, communicator and very passionate. He’s really great at taking difficult things and making it simple. We like his tender heart.”

Some interesting facts about Isaiah.

  1. The NT quotes Isaiah more than any other OT book (472 times). Psalm and Genesis are second and third at 454 and 260 times. This is worth studying!
  2. Isaiah has more information about what Jesus will do when He returns than any other book of the Bible.
  3. More than any other prophet, Isaiah reveals both Jesus in His power and gentle servanthood as King in His first and second comings.

The class is now “over,” but the mark on the students’ hearts will remain.

Thank you for partnering with us as we equip future leaders to love the Lord and to partner with Him in this generation.