God Marking a Generation

 Onething Conference, Kansas City Convention Center

Crowd worshiping at Onething

We are watching something occur in America at a rapid rate. Wickedness and righteousness are springing up alongside each other at a rapid pace (Mt. 13:24-30). The past few decades in our country we have witnessed an increase of immorality, anger, and violence, the intensity and frequency of it. We are also experiencing an increase in righteousness in parts of the Church: and increase of love and abandonment to God, and the miracles of the Kingdom of God: deliverances, healings, and other signs that God is with us. While the media routinely focuses on the horrors of wickedness breaking out in America, today I want to share with you how the God’s light and love is impacting a generation in our country. God is marking a generation to love Him. To abandon their lives to Him so He can use them as salt and light in a dark culture.

This past week over 25,000 young people spent five days in the Convention Center in Kansas City. They came to encounter a person, Jesus Christ. During this time God was marking this generation through sound Biblical teaching and testimonies. These young adults heard how to love God with all their heart, souls, mind and strength and return to the first and most important commandment (Mt. 22:37). The details of what it looks like to love God are in Jesus’ very own words, the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-7). They heard of how God is planting praying communities across the globe in signs and wonders to answer the desire of the Father that a pure incense (prayers) would arise from every place and God’s name would be great among the Gentiles (Malachi 1:11). They heard testimonies form other college students in America, professionals, and missionaries across the world who are living lives abandoned to God. During this time, many young people turned away from sexual immorality, violence, and other distractions in our culture of the week during the extended worship and ministry sessions. God is setting them apart to love Him. These ones God is preparing to stand for righteousness in our country. God has an answer: He is directing a generation to be fascinated by Him and setting them apart to bear witness to Him on the earth.

So among the large group sessions, there were plenty of activities in the break-out rooms. In my small niche things, I served in the healing rooms and personal prophecy rooms. We saw God lavishing His love on people—lots of tears, emotional and physical healings occurring, and smiles—oh the smiles! I love seeing people touched by Jesus. There’s nothing like it. My heart is overflowing with gratefulness at a merciful and generous God.

Here are some personal highlights that I witnessed. THANK YOU for those who are partnering with me to serve as a missionary in America, helping strengthen this generation before God. Thank you for helping me accomplish what God has laid on my heart to do in building prayer and preparing the earth for Jesus.

[featured]Prophecy Rooms[/featured]

For the personal prophecy, over 3,000 people received words in two days from our teams.

Crowd sitting in a prophecy room.

We call it personal prophecy because our teams are not asking the Holy Spirit to tell us things about their future, but to tell those people who they are in Jesus and how Jesus sees them. We do this with the heart to strengthen, comfort and exhort them (1 Corinthians 14:3). We do this by the faint whispers and impressions God gives us. The rest is on faith, and yes, some practice (experience doing it) helps, too! People could sign up for a slot then be ministered to by a team of two people. Here are a few exciting things that happened in my group.

  1. In my small group, we had a guy that the Lord prompted us to tell him about how he has “loved people well” and that God was putting “grace on his life to work with other men and help them”. Then we actually heard the word, “halfway house”. It seemed odd to say, but we said it anyway to him and that we saw him working in one. As this comment, his expression shifted and he held his face with his hands, shaking his head in disbelief. He seemed happy, but I couldn’t really tell what was going in inside him. After we were finished, he told us he worked as a resident assistant at a male rehabilitation program for those stuck substance abuse, ministering to guys. “Guys come in and out all the time,” He said. He then told us he was secretly praying with God if he could start a halfway house for some of these guys. Wow. I could feel the excitement of God on this man’s life. The Lord had personally highlighted this to him to encourage him and strengthen him in his walk. The biggest thing for us as ministers was to just trust God that what He is giving us is from Him and to submit our words to those receiving ministry.
  2.  Another fun thing was God giving us words to another young man who accompanied his mom about “getting outside” and “getting out of the basement”. I heard “God is calling you up” and wants to entertain you. He just kept looking at me like I had said his social security number to him or his secret nickname. He shook my hand afterwards and said thanks. Later, his mother stopped and told us that his bedroom was down in the basement. He will stay down there and play video games with a lot of his time. God had such a gentle way to encourage this young man, not to expose him in an area he is compromising his walk with the Lord. Even those “general” words were to the point and powerful to him.
  3.  Also, we had a time where a young man had recently lost his dad in a car accident. We didn’t know that but we kept getting words that “God wants to be your Father” and seeing pictures that he was going through a lot of pain and anger in his heart. As we kept sharing these things with him, he began sobbing. God started lifting some confusion he was experiencing in regards to his own life and who God was. Grief is hard to walk through, but particularly as a young man with no father now. He was only 20 years-old or so. God was taking lies off of him that the Devil had said over him and that situation. I think much personal prophecy dismantles the Enemy’s lies as it builds up our own identity in Jesus.

Here were a few highlights. There is so much to share, but I hope this gives you a snapshot into what God was doing this week. Those 3,000 people left with words grounded in God’s love to propel back into loving God in their own personal journeys.

[featured]Healing Rooms[/featured]

In two days, the healing rooms ministered to 650 people with physical ailments or infirmities.

Girl receiving healing prayer

  1. A young gal with cerebral palsy got partial healing! She received prayer on day one but had little visible improvement. But on day two when someone was simply telling her how God saw her she felt a tingling in her back and spine. The healing session was over and then her friends led her into the hallway. Out there, she felt “Her legs shifting and growing.” She then wanted to stand up. All her friends led her back into the room where she gave testimony. Earlier that day she had to be carried onto the bus to the conference. But later that day, she was able to shuffle across the room. It really touched us as her friends were crying and this young gal’s faith was soaring. The timing of her healing, during the prophecy time, not the “healing time” really made me wonder. How powerful are our words over each other? If we just know who we are in God, how much healing can occur? After going into the hallway the healing continued and she began walking. Her friends had to carry her into car earlier that morning, but here she is giving testimony to what Jesus is doing for her. Her friends were crying as she shared what God did. I believe in persistent prayer to a compassionate and powerful God. There’s more to come!
  2.  A woman with skin irritation for five years came to prayer. Afterwards, she wasn’t itching anymore. Maybe God sent her a “scratching angel”. Ha ha.  Group praying for woman.
  3.  A heroine addict for 11 years walked in off the streets and felt overwhelmed by God’s love for him and ‘all the weight and suffering on his mind and heart was gone’.
  4. We saw several partially deaf people healed. A woman deaf for 48 years got healed and then afterwards could hear conversations in the room. She said she felt guilty for eavesdropping. That made me laugh. Sounds like she has another issue to deal with now.
  5. Another man with sleep apnea felt his “throat open” during prayer. He’s gonna sleep much better tonight!

A few takeaways:

  • When we see healing, we encounter God’s love. So many people had joy and were crying from God’s personal touch in their lives. I would like to see more of that. § One thing God was reinforcing to me was that healing is progressive. We need to keep asking. Keep receiving from Jesus. On day one, I prayed for a college student from Georgia Tech with misaligned hips. This led to legs with different lengths, tightness, back problems… everything. The next day, out of the 600 people, he was in my prayer group again. Wow. But on day two, he was more open to receiving from God. While he didn’t get a full healing, we saw his legs loosen and begin tingling in response to God’s presence moving on him.
  • I want to say “thank you” again to friends for partnering with me to place me here to minister to those who came from around the nation, even the world, at this conference. I am grateful to be here. These stories are yours as well.