The Beauty of Jesus and His End Time Plan

Last week, Brian returned from visiting the Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat, Canada where he taught interns in the Discipleship Training School. Since the launch of this school, they have seen over 30,000 salvations, as well as healings and encounters with the Lord.  While it was a small school, the quality of the interns was notable: their spiritual hunger and maturity inspiring. After their training, this group will go to minister in the Pacific island of Fiji.

The particular week I was with them, we focused on getting to know Jesus and His end-time plan.  We spent the first sessions addressing misconceptions that keep believers from studying the book of Revelation. One misconception is that we “can’t understand it.”  The interns learned to take the prophecy “literal” unless the text indicates otherwise.  They were surprised how much easier it was to understand, and how the prophets, gospels and epistles all told the same storyline. 

Another misconception was that the book of Revelation is “irrelevant for today.” The interns saw that this prophecy is first and foremost about Jesus and His excellence (Rev. 1:1)— something important to us!  Secondly, it’s about His plan that He will oversee in the future when transitioning the earth from under the power of Satan to His direct rule—-this certainly is exciting!  (Rev. 4:1; 5:8; 6:1; 8:1–2, 8; 11:15–18)


Jesus’ plan, found in Rev. 6-22, uses a variety of pressures upon the earth. Without violating anyone’s free will, God will bring the greatest amount of good possible, including a great end-time harvest of souls, time for the wicked to repent and the perfect environment for the Church to grow into maturity. Students were able to dialogue with the Lord why He would do things the way He tells us.  It’s so important to process the “why” of God’s plan now so that we are not shocked, offended and unable to partner with Him now and in the future.

You are having a great impact on young people. Thank you for partnering with us! 

—-Brian, Joannie, Isaac and Hosanna