Do you know the Jesus in Red?

While preparing for Isaiah, a course I’m teaching this Fall at our ministry school, I have encountered an aspect of Jesus I’d like to share with you.  I’m sure we’d all agree we need to know the Jesus according to the Bible—not the Jesus our culture accepts or even a specific Christian tradition without lining it up with the Word.  By knowing Jesus as He is, we see rightly. We are able to partner with Him in more aspects of our lives.

This is particularly true regarding the Jesus in Red.1 This is Jesus who comes as King and Judge to remove the things that hinder love. These things include spiritual forces of darkness, wicked human institutions and reprobate sinners.  We haven’t gotten to this point on earth, but one day sin and darkness will climax to unimaginable levels, including violence and sexual immorality (Dan. 8:23; Mat. 13:30; Rev. 9:21; Isa. 24:4-6; 59:9–15; 60:2).  At that time, the Lord will act to save the earth. When He does so, it will be the biggest transition the earth has ever undergone, far greater than the days of Noah or the circumstances surrounding Lot. He will transition all aspects of the earth under His leadership (Rev. 11:15-19; Isa. 30:10). It will be messy but glorious for the people of God.  The Lord is inviting the Church now to get to know Jesus in Red so we can prepare our hearts, partner with Him in prayer and instruct the Body of Christ for what lies ahead.

Why else does this matter?  Getting to know Jesus in Red begins to answer these questions. At least one of these, every person has wondered about.

  • How does God address evil and injustice in the earth?  Does He care? Is He able to do anything about it?
  • How does He transition the earth under His rule?  How can I partner with Him in His plan? My family? My community? 
  • How will He remove the Devil and those persecuting His people?  

While these truths around Jesus may seem unpleasant or irrelevant at first glance, when we dig into the story, God begins to convince us of His beauty related to this issue and the urgency of the hour.   If you would like to understand more related to this issue, please contact us.  We have resources we can point you towards.

1 Some of the key passages that address these truths of Jesus’ identity are found in Joel 3:1–17; Revelation 14:17-20; 19:11–21; Isaiah 59:15–21; 61:2; 63:1–6.