God is Building a Prayer Movement

Recently we hosted 40 participants eight days during our Immerse program.  It’s always a joy to see brothers and sisters strengthened in the Lord.  This group was unique in that we had three men from Papua New Guinea attending: Pastor George, Pastor Jerry and David.  I’m attaching their picture here.  Joannie and I hosted them along with our new friend, Rick, for a meal after the program ended.  We were touched by their hearts and their story.  I want to share a piece of it as I know it will encourage you.

We were touched by their hearts and their story

Papua New Guinea

Is an Oceanic nation of 17 million people just north of Australia with more linguistic and cultural diversity than any other nation.   Here are several amazing things on a spiritual level happening in PNG:

  • PNG recently brought an original King James Bible that was printed from the Gutenberg Press and put it in their parliament.  At a time when many Western nations have distanced themselves from God’s Word in relation to sexuality, education and life, PNG is embracing Christianity.
  • Every year for three days the nation fasts and prays. The government takes up an offering for the nation of Israel. They then send a delegation to present this money to Israel every year!  I am not sure why the government is doing this but it foreshadows what every nation will do in the Millennial Kingdom when Christ returns (Isa. 2; Zech 14).
  • The Prime Minister and one the governors has pledged several million USD to rebuild David’s Tent (Acts 15:15-16; Amos 9:11-15), which is day and night prayer and worship. They want to be the first nation that’s government to fund worship to the Father of the Lord Jesus.  They will build this building in the center of Garoka, a main city, so all 34 denominational churches can participate!  Already there are 15 houses of prayer up in the jungle but this will be accessible to all at a central city location.

The PNG government sent these three men as a delegation to learn about day and night prayer at IHOPKC in order to report to the governor upon their return.

The Visitors:  Pastor George, Pastor Jerry and David 

It was a joy to meet these gentlemen during Immerse week and witness God touch them every day.  We felt stirred about future opportunities to work with them if the Lord leads.  Thank you for partnering with us as together we are strengthening believers in their identity in Christ and helping establish prayer in the nations.