Praying for America: How the Church should respond to the National Crisis of Same-Sex Marriage

Recently hundreds of thousands of believers across our nation are laboring in prayer regarding the Supreme Court decision on marriage.  If the federal government regulates marriage for same sex couples it will dramatically shift our nation for the worse. The public schools will promote homosexual lifestyle to children across our country. Businesses and non-profit entities will be forced to comply or face penalties.  Those in elected positions or places of leadership in media, business, law, education and other spheres could be forced to step-down if they do not support the decision. The domino affect for this ruling will be huge.   Please continue to pray for the nine justices to make a righteous decision but more importantly for the state of our nation.

We need more than just a Supreme Court decision for the Biblical view of marriage.  We need revival. We need God to break into our nation in a third great awakening. Here is how we are positioning our hearts in prayer:

While we see America in a Psalm 2 moment, the church will respond in a Joel 2 manner, leading to an Acts 2 movement!   

Psalm 2 mentions the nations rage against God.  This is against God God’s authority through His Son Jesus. One of the ways nations are raging against God is by rebelling against what God has stated in His Word about the institution of marriage.

Joel 2 is corporate agreement with God in prayer and fasting as the Church gathers, crying-out for His intervention and justice in our nation.

Acts 2 is the out-pouring of the Spirit in response to our agreement with God. An Acts 2 movement is revival. God will respond by saving souls, tenderizing hearts and healing people physically, emotionally, mentally and more!

We need an increased move of the Holy Spirit to touch America more than a Supreme Court decision.  Pray with us for a Joel 2 response of the Church and an Acts 2 movement of the Spirit