God’s Complete Removal of Every Stain

A Meditation on God’s Thorough Cleansing of our Sin (Isa. 6)

Standing before the Lord Jesus in a vision, Isaiah cries out that he is “undone” (unraveling, disintegrating) due to the holiness of God.  God in His grace atones for Isaiah’s sin. This moment of atonement was at the very throne room of God—His dwelling place.  If from His very living room, God removes the sin of one man by His provision, what would He do for every sinner who repents?  Who says the Old Testament is about works, but the New, grace? The message of God’s grace is interwoven throughout Scripture.  All God asks is for from us is our hearts: humility, a broken-spirit before Him and a trembling at His Word (Isa. 8:3; 66:2).