Merry Christmas from Kansas City

[featured]Merry Christmas from Kansas City at the International House of Prayer[/featured]

…where they connect long-lost relatives. What?

Well, surprisingly it has happened to me. When our internship started, the staff kept asking me if I was related to a Zack Beeson. We finally ran into each other, so I had to snap this photo. According to one of my uncles, we may have direct family ties, but we aren’t exactly sure yet. In the meantime, we’ve started calling each other, “Cuz”, and giving each other exuberant high-fives in passing. I’m hoping we can solve this mystery soon!  Help, Uncle Bob, Jim, and Dave!

[featured]From Indy to Internship:[/featured]

Overall, there are roughly 120 interns in our track, learning about the growing prayer movement. Some are from various countries, but most are from the States. Many intend to return to their hometown and help raise up prayer in their area of influence. This photo was taken when the temperature was much warmer!

The Lord has used the first track of the internship to strengthen and encourage me. We spend most mornings sitting under solid teaching on subjects like the book of Revelation, prayer, or an aspect on God. I am discovering more of the kindness and gentleness of God as a Father and it is impacting my thoughts and emotions. It’s been a foundational time for me. I am so thankful knowing that I’ll get to teach on these themes some day in a house of prayer setting.  In the afternoons, we engage mostly in corporate or devotional prayer (one on one prayer with God). This sounds easy but many times, I have ended up coming to the end of myself and have learned how to persevere in longer prayer sets. In these afternoon sets, I’ve also learned about how to engage and facilitate “enjoyable” and “unifying” prayer.

[featured]At the Edge of Hell Outreach: God’s Extravagant Pursuit for People[/featured]

This story really blessed me. I hope it does you.

In late October, a group of fifty interns went to the haunted house district in Kansas City called “The Edge of Hell”. The long lines allowed us plenty of time to talk with people waiting around. We would ask the Holy Spirit how we should talk to them about God and their lives. A new friend, Pavel, and I hit the streets together. Our favorite encounter was with a girl named Rashida. She had prayed the night before that if God was real that He would show Himself to her. When we began talking with her, God prompted us to talk to her about her nursing career and certain life issues. These were important things on her heart that only God would know and only He could tell us. Since she had just prayed that if God was real, He’d show himself to her, this got her attention She knew Jesus was real and was lovingly pursuing her. On that crowded street, she ended up praying to give her life to Jesus right by the ticket booth near a few people dressed in gory costumes and nearby sounds of chain saws and fake screams (seriously). It was a riot. That night, our entire group saw eleven salvations, some healings, and talked with over 500 people.  It amazed me to see how intentional God is in answering our prayers that he would meet Rashida outside a Haunted House and send a few people to find her.

[featured]What is Next?[/featured]

To continue to prepare for planting a house of prayer, I intend on enrolling in Track II to complete the internship and then will see how the Lord is directing me. Here is a general schedule:

  • December 18th: Internship Track I ends
  • December 20th-January 12th: in Indy for holidays and connecting
  • In early January, we intend to host a worship and prayer set in Indy. More info TBA by email or my blog at I intend to teach on what I’ve been learning. Our IndyHOP home group will host the worship and prayer. Expect some time for personal ministry as well.  Please come!
  • January 15th-April:  Track Two internship
[featured]Joining Me? – Want to be a part in some way?  [/featured]

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is praying for important issues with a group of people. Here are two of the time slots in which our internship participates if you’d ever want to join us online at, Central Standard Time.

  • Sunday, 4-6pm: Revival in America and prayer for our hometowns.  Join me praying for Indy!
  • Tuesday, 4-6pm:  God’s purposes for Israel to be fulfilled. When Israel as God’s people come into her destiny by receiving Jesus as the Messiah, the whole world will be blessed. We are praying for this.

If you’d like to participate in the prayer movement by partnering with me financially, you can mail donations to: Indianapolis House of Prayer; 8383 Craig Street, Ste. 185; Indianapolis, IN 46250.

I hope to catch up with many of you in person while in Indy or have some long distance phone chats.  Thanks again for the encouragement and support as I step into where God is leading me.  Enjoy your holiday season!